Friday, June 14, 2013

Kanye West Abandons Kim Kardashian

Kanye West deserts Kim Kardashian to promote his new album in Switzerland. 
After denying reports he’d cheated on pregnant Kim Kardashian, Kanye West skipped town without her to play a surprise show at a Design Miami event during Art Basel in Switzerland, sources tell Page Six.
West said through a rep yesterday he did not have any sexual encounters with 24-year-old model Leyla Ghobadi, who claimed she and West slept together twice, including once when expectant Kim was off in Miami. The rep called her story “totally without merit” and a blatant attempt for publicity.
Either way, West — who reportedly said his whole relationship with Kardashian was for publicity — hasn’t exactly been a constant at her side during her pregnancy. While she’s grounded in LA, he continued a whirlwind tour promoting his upcoming album, “Yeezus.”
West was in New York this week for a listening party stocked with models, rappers and athletes on a loading dock at Milk Studios, and he also celebrated his birthday with Jay-Z, Nas and Beyonc√© at Miss Lily’s without his reality-star girlfriend.
While Kim’s stuck in LA weeks before the birth, West next headed to Switzerland for a secret album listening party for “Yeezus,” held at a design festival that runs alongside the annual Art Basel fair.
West will be in good company at the fair, as moguls have flocked there for a VIP preview of a reported $2 billion worth of art being shown.
Jacked from Page Six


BloggerDisplayName said...

pathetic sorry ass excuse for a man nucca

Anonymous said...

Long jawed ashy mouf

Anonymous said...

he looks like such a fucking peanut in that pic.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kim she really know how to pick them.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kim??? YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!!!! its called reaping what you sow!!! She so desperately wanted to outdo kourtney and khloe she killed em both off with one stone.. She's having a black baby( which khloe wishes she could do) by one of hip hops greats (u have to admit... his music was the shit before he went thru this deep depression/giving in to the illuminati hocus pocus hee haw...)(im sure kourtney wishes scott was something affluent and not just burning up kardashian cash..) kim was so self absorbed and concerned about superficial things like her appearance she didnt want to gain weight while pregnant thats why god made her AS BIG AS A BLIMP!!!! she portrays herself to be so much better than us regular folk so god showed her that shes JUST A BABYMAMA AND ALL THE KARDASHIAN MARATHONS ON THE E CHANNEL CANT MAKE KANYE FUCK WITH HER IF HE AINT FEELIN IT!!! and if ur reading this kim STOP WEARING THOSE TIGHT ASS SANDALS YOUR FEET LOOK LIKE SNAUSAGES!!!! you are beautiful WITHOUT ALL THE XTRAS.. damn just enjoy being pregnant!!!! BTW i saw on one episode where you were considering eating your placenta after your lil girl is born? its supposedly the fountain of youth?? GIIIIIIIIRLLL if you do that crazy shit you are going to mess around and curse yourself.. lose all of your beauty and wind up like that old lady with the big ass mole on her nose in that movie drag me to hell!!!!!!#leavewellwnoughalone#youcannotstayyoung4ever#stopbeingsuperficialandstartfocusingonwhatsimportant

Anonymous said...

i started to say poor kanye but his dumb ass knew what he was getting himself into when he chose that bish!!!! She is a baby kris kardashian and THAT BISH IS A MANEATER!!!! Kanye u better tuck yo balls because im sure Kris is looking for em in the daylight with a flashlight to add them to the collection: Bruce, Rob, Scott and Lamar... LOL

Unknown said...

If he hadn't signed up for this, I would feel bad for Kanye. However, when he sold his soul to the Devil, he signed away his humanity. They gave him a script to live by and he is doing what he is told. Being a dick is his lot in life based on the sale of his sould. Ditto for Chris Brown.

Kim Kardashion's lot is to play the dumb whore, ditto for Rhianna and Katy Perry. These people sell their souls and pay the price by having to play the roles assigned to them.

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