Monday, June 17, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out of Betty Ford Clinic

Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan didn't leave The Betty Ford Clinic, she was kicked out.
Q. I love Lindsay Lohan, but I'm worried about her. Did she just get kicked out of rehab?! -- Wendy, Dallas, Texas.
Wendy, is reporting that Lindsay was indeed asked to leave the prestigious Betty Ford Center for being 'disruptive and willful."
Lindsay? Disruptive and willful? What director would ever agree with that?!
Well, anyway, the web site adds that Lindsay, who has had chronic issues with drinking and drugs, was extremely uncooperative at the Betty Ford Center. She eventually was told to go to a new rehab center in Malibu.
"She was making life Hell for those around her every day," a source told Radar Online. "She was disruptive and willful. Betty Ford is thrilled to see her go."
Of course, that would be the Betty Ford Center who is thrilled, not Betty Ford the person who died three years ago.
The same source told the web site that Lindsay was refusing to go to group therapy, demanding specific drugs and being, well, Lindsay.
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