Monday, June 17, 2013

Paternity Secrets Drive Paris Jackson to the Edge

Sources claim finding out she and her brother Prince Michael do not share the same father drove Paris Jackson to attempt suicide.

PARIS Jackson’s suicide attempt came days after she was told she does not have the same biological father as her brother Prince.
Paris, 15 — who sources say has always known Michael Jackson could not be her natural dad — was convinced she was Prince’s full sibling.
She believed Debbie Rowe was their mum and an unnamed man their dad.
But after being told the truth, a string of rows followed between devastated Paris and Prince, 16.
She plunged into depression and is still in an LA hospital after reportedly slashing her wrists and downing pills on June 5.
Paris was given the news to prepare her for a tough grilling during the £26billion court fight between the Jackson family and concert firm AEG, who they blame for Michael’s death.
Last night a family friend said: “Paris has always wanted to believe Michael was her dad, but was aware that wasn’t really the case.
“She was convinced her and Prince were full siblings. She always idolised him.
“Hearing she wasn’t started a downward spiral.” Paris is said to be feeling better but will stay in hospital for up to 30 days.
She will then spend more time with mum Debbie, 54, in California. Paris is said to hate the “circus” at the Jackson household — but remains close to her grandma Katherine. Last night Paris’s representatives did not return our calls.
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Anonymous said...

P coattail riding off the iconic Jackson family name faking a suicide for attention, knows damn well that HIDEOUS boy & her don't share the same father. Hes UGLY as shit in every way & And she is considered beautiful by whitey inbred standards..

P coattail riding off the iconic Jackson family name needs to stop blaming everyone for her NON EXISTENT problems & start pointing her anger at the right person, which is her fake father MJ.

MJ is the reason for all this lab rats problems. MJ had her created & made in a Jar. Bought her from a fat man, in exchange for money & a a farm.

then spent the years of her childhood drugged up & passed out on painkillers. He didn't bother to make a Will, then selfishly died, leaving his parenting to other people.

Anonymous said...

Another 30 days of hospitalization - Yeah right - Paris will be locked away for a long time and will be assigned a caretaker for the rest of her life.

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