Thursday, June 13, 2013

Model Paid 20k for Kanye West Story

New information casts doubt on model's claims that she bedded Kanye West.
The story that curvy “model” Leyla Ghobadi gave Star magazine, claiming she had sex with Kanye West while his girlfriend Kim Kardashian has been pregnant, has more holes than a golf course.
Ghobadi, 36, claims in the current issue that she hooked up with the rapper twice in 2012 and that he attempted a third encounter just this past weekend.
It turns out Ghobadi was paid just under $20,000 for her tale — and never took a lie-detector test to help prove her story.
Star’s editor-in-chief, James Heidenry, confirms to us that spa worker Ghobadi was paid for her tale, but says our number is off. “I can tell you that’s way out of the ballpark,” he says.
We also hear news agency Coleman-Rayner had been shopping Ghobadi’s story around for a month and that other weeklies passed because Ghobadi had no proof of the alleged tryst.
Star magazine didn’t mind, though. Famous for giving story subjects lie-detector tests, the editors failed to do so with Ghobadi. “We didn’t think it was necessary in this case,” Heidenry shockingly admitted.
Jacked from The Daily News


Anonymous said...

*pursed lips* I figured that shit was a lie, most likely put out by Kamp Kris.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Kanye's camp - to dispel the fact that he is gayer than a $2 bill!!

Hmmmm - People are accusing him of being in the closet, then low and behold - a random comes out to say she had sex with him painting him as some kind of womenizer. Ok....has anyone watched "behind the candelabra yet"? My point exactly.....

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