Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paris Jackson Vetos Visits from Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe

Troubled teen Paris Jackson has removed her grandmother Katherine Jackson and her bio-mother Debbie Rowe from the approved hospital visitors list while she recuperates from her suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson has denied visits from her grandmother Katherine and her biological mother Debbie Rowe in the wake of her suicide attempt last week, but has granted access to one familiar face tied in with the family history: her former nanny, Grace Rwaramba.
“The kids adore her,” a family friend told People, noting that “Grace and Debbie don’t get along,” which further complicates an already delicate situation.
Said the insider: “The whole situation is getting worse by the minute.”
In addition, Rowe is persona not grata with Paris’s older brother — and her biological son — Prince, who the magazine reports “wants nothing to do with Debbie, [as] he believes she abandoned them.”
Rwaramba spoke with exclusively last year, during the family’s well-publicized internal upheaval. After Paris had raised some eyebrows with her publicly forward reaction to the situation, Grace implored the public to “give [Paris] a chance to make and learn from her mistakes without demonizing her.
“She is a spirited, very expressive and dramatic young girl. The traits that made her the apple of her father’s eye are the same traits that she must learn to control as she matures into adulthood.
“Until then, please take her tweets with a grain of salt,” Grace said, adding that “no child should have 700,000 followers on Twitter or any other social media platform.”
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Anonymous said...

Oh please Paris ain't blocked or stopped nobody, it is not going from bad to worse, this is the plan. Paris don't get it, the nanny can save her, Katherine can't save her, no body can save her. Paris will be locked away and controlled by those pyche doctors and executors of MJ's estate for the rest of her life. Her freedom is gone. Unfortunately when you think you are a know it all, and play dangerous games you are the one that pays the price - yes Paris you are and will be paying the price - this is only the beginning. Wait and watch. Money is powerful, and these executors are not going to let some silly girl f*ck up their cash cow with her drama.

Anonymous said...

Like MJ said "They don't really care about us!"
Life as Paris knew it, is over.

And so it Prince and Blanket next!

Anonymous said...


You don't know a lot about how things work in this world.. You are not experienced or advanced enough & haven't been living in this world long enough.

You are just spouting your opinion & not facts. She has to do a lot more for her to be locked away.

Her freedom is not gone.

Even if she had a GREEDY QUACK for a doctor drugging her up in that place & telling untruths about her. He/she still couldn't keep her there,cause shes not mentally ill and has not exhibited any signs of being crazy and everybody knows she faked the attempted suicide So people would be suspicious of the doctors & warrant their actions malicious..

The lab rat won't be going back to the Jacksons..

People don't want her at her moms house because they don't want debbie to get money. They are not thinking about what will make Paris happy. She most definately should live with her mom.

If Paris falls & scrape her knee, the public will blame the Jacksons..

Paris said out of her mouth that she likes living with her mom cause theres no security & she doesn't like security at Katherines home.

Shes in the hospital still, cause she RICH. They're just watching her and giving her therapy.

Attempting a suicide is not gonna get this lab rat locked away for the rest of her life. She will be out very soon..

The lab rat is in a hospital, not the insane asylum. Shes not insane she just SPOILED!

She hasn't done anything to equate INSANITY. She simply (faked) attempted suicide. because shes SPOILED & couldn't get her way....

People who attempt suicide are not locked away for good.
The lab rat has an old soul & is kinda advanced for her age.

She will get out & be released to debbie. She wants to live with her mom & thats where shes going when she gets out.The executors can't control her life. they are responsible for the Will, not P coattail riding off the jackson family name LIFE & well being.

The executors will steal a substancial amount of the money. but all & all,The lab rat will get the money when shes 32. Suicidal or not.

Anonymous said...

Just heard on tmz that the lab rat will be released to her mom. i told you, she would.

Anonymous said...

I told you people I KNOW EVERYTHING.

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