Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nick Cannon Reaches Out to Amanda Bynes

Nick Cannon reached out to Amanda Bynes in an effort to get the troubled starlet back on track.
Nick Cannon is the latest celebrity to speak out about Amanda Bynes.
The actor told Howard Stern on the host's radio show today that he considered her to be "like my little sister" when the two worked together years ago.
"I worked on Amanda's show when she had her show," Cannon explained. "To see someone you'd seen at 9, running around with a snotty nose, and now to see her like that is like, 'Wow, man! That's sad.'"
He also added that he's since tried to get in touch with the former Nickelodeon star to no avail.
"I tried to reach out," he told Stern, but hadn't been able to reach her.
Cannon isn't the only one who is expressing support for Bynes.
Dr. Drew also expressed his concern for the actress tweeting, "It may be time to leave @AmandaBynes alone. She will get help if she wants it & if she needs it, hopefully before serious consequences."
Since his tweet, Bynes lashed out against Dr. Drew's comments, causing him to apologize for making his opinion on the matter public.
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Anonymous said...

I like Nick and think he appears to be a good guy. Dr. Drew on the other hand is a celebrity doctor and quite a few of the folks featured on celebrity rehab did not do well under his care. Many relapsed or worse. He comes across as caring, but I think he takes interest mostly for the media attention.

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