Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paris Jackson Calls Nanny Grace Rwaramba Obsessed

Paris Jackson testified by video link in her father Michael Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit that her former nanny Grace Rwaramba was obsessed with Michael Jackson.

The nanny Michael Jackson hired to look after his three children was "obsessed" with the King of Pop and would even climb into his bed, according to the superstar's daughter Paris.
The teenager made the revelations during a pre-recorded video testimony which was shown in court on Tuesday (18Jun13) as part of the Jackson family's wrongful death trial against concert promoters Aeg Live.
During the deposition, taped on 21 March (13), a lively Paris Jackson claimed her father was not a fan of live-in nanny Grace Rwaramba, saying, "My dad didn't like her, so he tried to keep her away from us. So he'd send her to run errands a lot."
The singer repeatedly fired her, only to let her return because he "felt bad 'cause she didn't really have a lot of money", but the superstar shared his reservations about Rwaramba with his daughter and her brothers Prince Michael and Blanket: "He said she was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot."
Paris went on to describe one "really creepy" incident with the nanny, recalling, "One time... I think it was when me and my brother (Prince Michael) were really, really young, before Blanket was born... when (Michael Jackson) would stay at a hotel, she would call the hotel and say that she was his wife. She was obsessed with him. And they'd let her in, and he'd wake up, and she'd be, like, in his bed. That's what he told us."
Lawyers for Aeg aired the video testimony in court to challenge evidence given by Jackson's former personal chef, Kai Chase, who claimed Rwaramba - who was fired for good two months before the singer's June, 2009 death - was a mother figure for the children. Chase, who is now employed by the King of Pop's mother Katherine, was on the witness stand earlier this week (begs17Jun13) and detailed the impact the superstar's sudden death had on his children.
Paris Jackson's video appearance in court came just 13 days after she was hospitalised following an apparent suicide attempt at her Calabasas, California home.
Prosecutors working for Katherine Jackson and her fellow plaintiffs, Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket, told the Los Angeles judge overseeing the trial that the 15 year old was unavailable to appear in person as she was still receiving treatment for her personal troubles.
They are demanding damages for the superstar's wrongful death, accusing Aeg Live bosses of ignoring the tragic superstar's health issues prior to his doomed This Is It comeback concerts.
The trial continues.
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Anonymous said...

Paris used to look like a fresh faced teenager. Full of life and loved her daddy. Now she looks old and mental. That black hair doo & light eyes makes her look dark and strange. She doesn't appear all there and they let this girl testify. I'm sure she is being programmed as I type this, until the desired behavior is achieved. I hope her testimony helps and not hurts the families case. AEG is wicked.

Anonymous said...


No one is programming this lab Rat, Shes tooo STUBBORN to be programmed. THERES no way She would not be able to keep from revealing the fact that someone told her what to say...

WHY did she point at the person in the courtroom as if to say' you're laughing at what i said" then she started laughing..After she said the nanny was creepy for jumping in the bed with MJ.?? Thats was inappropriate behavior in a courtroom. That proves she desperately craves attention..

This Spoiled coattailriding off the Jackson family name, lab rat says a black woman climbing in the bed with a black man & saying shes his wife,is creepy??

Grace raised her and nortured her while MJ was doped up passed out in his bed. The nanny wiped her shitty ass.

Look at that mean test tube sitting up there like the world revolves around her.. Shes not even a REAL Jackson.

Creepy is a bleached out black man creating 3 test tubes in his laboratory.

This lab rat needs an ole fashion Joe jackson ass whipping

Anonymous said...

What kind of bullshit is this -I don't get it - Michael J did not like her and fired her many times but he felt sorry for her cause she had no money. PLEASE Michael could not stand his own family and refuse to associate with them, so yall know damn well if he did not want that nanny in that house and around his kids, he would have got rid of her too.

Second, Paris says she was obsessed with Michael, and MJ thought she was dishonest, not a fan of the live end nanny - he would send her to run errands ETC., ETC., yet Paris who is in the PSYCH WARD only wanted to see the NANNY and nobody else.

Katherine needs to drop the lawsuit and let the executors take care of Paris, before AEG destroys everybody.

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