Monday, June 24, 2013

Paris Jackson Facing Several Months of Hospitalization

It will be months before Paris Jackson returns to her home in Calabasas after a botched suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson will be in hospital for several months following her recent suicide attempt.
The 15-year-old aspiring actress, who is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, is "doing a lot better" but "has a while to go" before she is ready to go back to her Calabasas home.
A source told E! News that the teenager is likely to continue her treatment at another facility, possibly outside of California, or might move in with her mother, Debbie Rowe.
The insider said: "She is going to have several months to be [in the hospital], or to another facility...or she will stay a while with Debbie and have daily sessions. They are deciding now. A lot has to do with the hospital and the doctor's recommendations.
"She is not going to go back to her home immediately after getting out of the hospital. At some point, when she is ready, she will go back to her Calabasas home."
The Jackson family is looking at out-of state options but would "prefer for her to stay here (California) so the family can visit her more often."
The source also confirmed that Debbie and Paris have communicating a lot during her time in hospital, saying: "(Debbie) is talking to her every day. Debbie has basically taken the situation by the hand."
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Anonymous said...

I said it before and I will say it again - Paris is not going to anyone's home. Those executors of MJ's estate are going to make sure Paris is locked up in the cuckoo hospital for a long time, she will be determined to be deeply disturbed and a danger to herself, and therefore need a permanent caretake/conservator (will be the courts & attorneys) for the rest of her life. This is the beginning of getting Paris out of the way after causing all those problems for the man (esate lawyers, judge, executors etc.) Paris probably never thought she would be shipped to the looney booney hospital with no chances of getting out. Yep her life is over!!

Anonymous said...

Paris REALLY SHOULD HAVE LISTENED to her Aunt Janet, instead of trying to be a "twitter star" and behaving like a spoiled brat. Now look at her! At the mercy of the Powers That Be that took her father from her and her brothers.
They'll give her some "happy" pills and see to it that she'll have "issues" the rest of her life!

Anonymous said...

Like I said, when she comes back she'll be programmed and the Paris she was will be no more. If she doesn't take to programming very well and some don't like Britney Spears---she'll be institutionalized like 1:57 said. This is the kind of shit her father tried to spare his kids from and kept them away from the public eye. He didn't want what was done to him to happen to his children...and they called him a nutcase and branded him a pedo & hardcore druggie. They can erase you and he knew it. Paris couldn't keep her mouth shut, cos kids talk and have little egos and feel invincible.

Unknown said...

The POWERS that BE are ruining my life and I have not been in a psych hospital but they do things to try to ready me for that place. They will, upon you reporting their corruptions or line of alliances, negligent duties, evils and bias standards,retaliate upon you for life (once you are targeted) and keep Shit going undercover or with the INK. They are like sins in the air that keep spreading like a virus or germ. I understand what you are saying. I have been victimized but now I am coming up for air because I am a fighter and I can see what many cannot see in such a clever environment of those who manipulate hate.

Anonymous said...


Peace be unto you. Whatever your belief system is, may God (love) be with you and keep you. Stay strong knowing that many others are awakening to the truth and that there is strength in numbers and that we, the meek, are strengthening and will INHERIT THE EARTH!!!

Anonymous said...

This lab rat ain't staying in the hospital

Shes going home to the fat guys farm where she belongs.

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