Monday, June 24, 2013

Paula Deen Interview Defending Slavery Surfaces

A bizarre interview from 2012 of Paula Deen describing her great-grandfather's slaves as 'workers' and part of the family and referring to her black friend as 'dark as a black board' surfaces online.
Paula Deen is digging herself one heck of a deep hole.
The former Food Network star has revealed even more antiquated views on race and slavery in a video interview she did last year.
In a wide-raging conversation with reporter Ken Severson of The New York Times, Paula talked about how her great grandfather struggled with the loss of his slaves — he had 37! — after the Civil War.
“Between the death of his son and losing all the workers, he went into his barn and shot himself because he couldn’t deal with those kind of changes,” Paula said.
“Back then, black folk were such an integral part of our lives, they were like our family, and for that reason, we didn’t see ourselves as being prejudiced.”
Paula never used the word “slave” or mentioned that, in reality, slaves were bought and sold, and routinely beaten, raped and murdered by their owners.
She then hit it out of the park in terms of bizarre explanations of her feelings about race when she called one of her employees, who is black, out of the audience and onto the stage which had a dark back drop.
With interviewer Sorenson looking on uncomfortably, Deen called her staffer Hollis Johnson “as black as this board.”
Taking Johnson’s hand, she laughed, “we can’t see you in front of that dark board!”
Deen then heaped praise on the man, saying she’d trust him with her life, “and color ain’t got nothing to do with it.”
As has been reporting, Deen was dumped by the Food Network after it was revealed that in a taped deposition in a lawsuit, she admitted to routinely using the ‘N’ word and to having what can only be called questionable views on race.

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Anonymous said...

Who even asked her all these questions?! Did she just come out saying all this bullshit?

She needs to just lock herself in the house, eat some fried butter and shut the hell up!

Anonymous said...

Of course they didn't see themselves as racist! They were not on the receiving end of their racism! Shaking my head and Rolling my eyes!

Anonymous said...

And of course her bandwagon house negoes are jumping her to her defense, not realizing the woman suing is white, and for sexual harrassment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 9:43!!! Tired of all these coons coming to her defense, just like they did Gwyneth 'fishsticks' Paltrow. Has slavery screwed some us up that bad, that we would condone this racist & derogatory shit even when it's blatant and in our faces?? All racist bastards around the world must be laughing their asses off at how fucked up we've become. Most other ethnic groups have reached the American dream and started their own businesses. Several of them will get together and buy a house or start a store so they can have something. AND they help each other find employment and will get you hired on if they can. But we can't do that, because we can't get along. Someone will always want control or be jealous for whatever reason. WE sabotage ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Typical white racist behavior - black as that board - come on out her my good little negro and parade around for the people - just like slavery - showing off her property that she just bought. The time has come to understand that white people are not are friends, they are not good people, and they are not trustworthy, and they do not do things that will help the Black race, it is just the opposite whites do things to try and destroy the Black race. We better wake up because this racists despicable woman represents what most white people feel.

Anonymous said...


On the view this morning
Sherry Shepard is becoming a genuine uncletomicina. She goes out of her way to defend this type of behavior..

i used to like her. She used to make me laugh. Now shes so annoying & crammed up whiteys ass. She needs to spend some time with her son.

Personally the inbred didn't offend me. Shes too old to know better. Its too hard for whiteys that old to change their ways.

I just wish black celebrities just would stay out of it cause they look so houseniggerish.

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