Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Amanda Bynes Attacks The President and First Lady

Actress Amanda Bynes sets her sights on President Obama and his wife branding The First couple ugly.

Gotcha! Unhinged actress/singer Amanda Bynes added the President and First Lady to her long list of “ugly” people on Monday morning, tweeting, “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” Even though we’re expecting Bynes to delete the bizarre tweet any minute, as of Monday she left it up, and her misfired missive was permanently etched in screenshot history. Who’s next, Malia and Sasha? Don’t even try it, Bynes.

Jacked from The Daily News


Anonymous said...

Why is this news...this chick is crazy. If people would stop reporting this stuff she would GO AWAY.

Anonymous said...

She needs to shut up and go service her ugly clients!!

Anonymous said...

Gossipjacker, why does it seem like you and TMZ are the only two media outlets giving this chick one measley f*cking care?

Anonymous said...

This inbred is faking crazy. to get a pass for everything she does.

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