Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taye Diggs Cheating on Idina Menzel

Eyewitnesses claim Taye Diggs has been running around Hollywood behaving like a bachelor.

“Taye Diggs’ Cheating Scandal!” blares a headline from Star.
According to the supermarket tabloid, Diggs is fooling around behind the back of Idina Menzel, his wife of 10 years.
The magazine says the actor was “spotted getting frisky with a sexy brunette while partying at Emerson nightclub in Hollywood on June 19.”
Star quotes a so-called “clubgoer” as saying, “At 1 a.m., [Diggs] led her upstairs to the back of the club, and they began making out behind a pillar.”
So, the tab’s source saw them “behind a pillar”?
The magazine goes on to quote “the same source” behind the first alleged June 19 indiscretion as also eyewitnessing Diggs again “acting like a bachelor” at a different Hollywood hotspot on June 30.
Gossip Cop checked in with club sources, who tell us they didn’t see anything. And Diggs’ rep dismissed the allegations as “not true.”
Jacked from Gossip Cop


Malika said...

Not a surprise...

Anonymous said...

Why is this funny to me?

Anonymous said...

Cause white girls just lay on their backs and they don't move their hips during sex...they are dull and boring...whereas most black women know how to move the hips...white women's pussy's are stiff....hence he cheats

Anonymous said...

he seemed to really be into her and love his little family. not sure i buy this story. i thought these 2 would make it. but it's hollywood---same ole shit, just a different day.

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