Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Lady Relieved After Kerry Washington's Wedding

White House insiders say First Lady Michelle Obama is relieved that Kerry Washington has gotten married hoping this means Kerry's obsession with President Obama is over.

SCANDAL! Pugilistic minded FLOTUS sends Barack’s crush packin’!
CHALK one up for Michelle Obama!
After the first lady banned “Scandal” star Kerry Washingtonfrom the White House due to President Barack Obama’s obsession with her, the sexy beauty settled for another guy.
Sources say that’s the untold story behind Kerry’s hush-hush marriage to hunky San Francisco 49ers football star Nnamdi Asomugha!
“Kerry finally realized that she didn’t have a chance at Barack and was forced to find someone else,” a source told The ENQUIRER.
“But if Michelle hadn’t been so overprotective of her husband, Kerry may never have met Nnamdi.”
As THE ENQUIRER reported previously, Michelle, 49, flew into a jealous rage at her husband for appointing Kerry, 36, to his arts and humanities committee. Michelle’s jealousy kicked into high gear after the flirter-in-chief then invited Kerry to his second inaugu¬ration in January.
A rattled Michelle even copied Kerry’s hairstyle – sporting bangs similar to those the “Django Unchained” stunner debuted at this year’s Golden Globes.
With Michelle on the warpath, sources say Kerry backed off and started dating Asomugha, who was born in Louisiana to Nigerian parents.
The couple tied the knot on June 24 in Idaho with her parents as witnesses.
It’s the first marriage for Kerry. She was previously engaged to actor David Moscow, who played the young Tom Hanks in “Big.” But that relationship ended in 2007. Her new hubby, 31, is no stranger to Hollywood either – with small parts on the sitcom “The Game,” “Friday Night Lights” and “Leverage.” He’s also chairman of his family’s charitable foundation, and former President Bill Clinton has invited him several times to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative University.
“Now that Kerry has found her own man, Michelle can finally breathe a sigh of relief,” said the source. “She might even consider lifting her White House ban, as long as Kerry shows up with her husband in tow!”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


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