Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kanye West Butting Heads with Kris Jenner

Kanye West is tired of Kris Jenner butting into his life with Kim Kardashian.
KANYE West doesn’t care about Kris Jenner‘s opinion!
After it was reported Jenner had urged her daughter Kim Kardashian not to rush into marrying the rapper, Kanye has told friends that Kris doesn’t run their life and has no control over the situation!
“Look, Kris is Kim’s mother and the grandmother of her and Kanye’s baby. No disrespect to Kris, but he doesn’t care what she thinks about his life with Kim,” a source said.
“She doesn’t run him. She doesn’t run Kim and she damn well isn’t running s*** with his baby.
“Don’t get me wrong, he thinks the world of Kris and respects her a lot, but he’s tired of people in his ear about what the f*** she thinks about his relationship with Kim. He doesn’t care!!!! She has no say so whatsoever on his life with Kim.”
Jacked from Showbiz Spy

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Anonymous said...

WANNA BET, Kris will now be a thorn in his side for 18 years. What a fuckin idiot for even getting involved with this crazy azz family.

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