Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Paula Deen Uses Same Sex Marriage Law to Defend Against Law Suit

Paula Deen's lawyers try a Hail Mary in defending the disgraced cook against hostile workplace lawsuit.
Disgraced celebrity chef Paula Deen’s lawyers are cooking up a new legal strategy in their defense against the $1.2 million lawsuit that has charbroiled her career — one that’s based on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Prop 8.
Deen’s legal team referenced the high court’s decision to affirm the legality of same-sex marriage in California in a motion filed Monday, CNN reported.
The motion quotes Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision in the June 26 ruling that "for a federal court to have authority under the Constitution to settle a dispute, the party before it must seek a remedy for a personal and tangible harm."
At issue is that the former manager suing over an allegedly hostile, racist work environment at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, a Savannah, Ga., restaurant owned by Deen and her brother, is herself not African-American herself.
The 66-year-old doyenne of hoecakes’ downward spiral began two weeks ago after an admission in a deposition that she used the N-word went public. The disturbing revelation has severely damaged her food empire — previously valued at $17 million by Forbes.
In court papers obtained by CNN, Deen attorney William Franklin cited the Supreme Court’s decision on Hollingsworth v. Perry in seeking to have the suit tossed.
“One essential aspect of this requirement is that any person invoking the power of a federal court must demonstrate standing to do so,” he wrote. “This requires the litigant to prove that he has suffered a concrete and particularized injury that is fairly traceable to the challenged conduct, and is likely to be redressed by a favorable judicial decision."
Regardless of whether or not the presiding judge tosses the suit, the scandal has already cost Deen significantly more than $1 million. The Food Network dropped the former star of “Paula’s Best Dishes” and “Paula’s Home Cooking” and most of her corporate partners followed suit.
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