Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rihanna Loves the Pain of Brazilian Wax

Rihanna loves the pain of Brazilian waxing so much she laughs and sings through the procedure. 

Although my waxer tells me BS stories about women who read magazines and talk on the phone while getting their vaginas waxed (who are you!?), I believe most of us find the process appropriately painful. I use numbing spray and Advil and still, I sweat and occasionally tear up. You’ll see no such pansy assery from Rihanna. According to a gossipy employee at Fuzz Wax Bar in Toronto, Rihanna enjoyed her Brazilian waaaayyy too much.The “insider” reports:
“One of our estheticians brought Rihanna the numbing cream but she just laughed. Most women find a Brazilian wax very painful but she just said: ‘No way, I love the pain. It feels good to me.’ … RiRi was escorted to a treatment room with very thin walls and not a scream or squeal was heard. In fact, it sounded like she was enjoying herself. She was singing and humming songs all through the treatment. None of us could stop laughing.”
New urban waxing legend: women who love the pain so much that they sing while getting they’re pubic hair ripped out. Thanks, RiRi!
Jacked from The Frisky


Anonymous said...

Why is everyone laughing now?

Anonymous said...

RiRi is a freak she just love pain you see she went back to chris brown for another beat down . But it was soooo late that he learned not to put his hand on this woman after she gave him HIV and that's real

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