Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jackie Kennedy Marilyn Monroe Show Down Revealed

A new book about First Lady Jackie Kennedy reveals her nasty showdown with Marilyn Monroe who was cheating with President Kennedy.

JACKIE was ready to walk out on JFK when MARILYN confided their hush-hush affair but then the feisty First Lady laid down the law to the sin-hungry sexpot and then got busy learning the tricks of the trade-- book.
Marilyn Monroe came clean about her love affair with President John F. Kennedy in a shocking phone call to JFK’s wife Jackie – and she told the First Lady the Commander-in-Chief promised to marry her!
But the sex icon was no match for the cunning Jackie, who mocked Monroe’s threats before brushing up on her own sex skills to ensure her husband would never leave.
“Monroe called the White House and told Jackie of the affair and of Jack’s alleged promises to her,” author Christopher Andersen writes in his blockbuster new book “These Few Precious days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie”.
Cool-as-a-cucumber Jackie didn’t miss a beat, adds Andersen, who says Kennedy’s brother-in-law,actor Peter Lawford, told him the tale.
In a breathy voice mimicking Monroe, Jackie retorted, “Marilyn, you’ll marry Jack, that’s great. “And you’ll move into the White House and you’ll assume the responsibilities of First lady, and I’ll move out and you’ll have all the problems.”
According to the book, Kennedy had been leading Monroe on, telling her he’d make an honest woman of her while they were cavorting on Air Force one. When she arrived for their mile-high trysts, Monroe wore a black wig and dark glasses to resemble his stylish wife.
Monroe donned the same disguise entering 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for romps in the Lincoln Bedroom when Jackie was out of town. But she was just another notch on the lusty politico’s bedpost, says the author – and Jackie knew how to deal with her man’s mistresses.
The author claims Jackie was aware of her husband’s cheating, and turned a blind eye – as long as he didn’t publicly humiliate her.
Andersen quotes Jackie’s friend Ralph Martin as saying: “In the end, Jackie knew everything. Every girl. She knew her rating, her accomplishments…”
That doesn’t mean she didn’t come close to a breaking point – more than once – even before he won the presidency. It had infuriated her when she learned her sister, Lee Radziwill, slept with JFK while they were in the South of France in the mid-1950s and Lee’s first husband, Michael Canfeld, was in the next room.
“There were times when I think she (Lee) went perhaps too far, you know? like going to bed with Jack in the room next to mine and then boasting about it,” the author quotes Canfeld as revealing.
A furious Jackie told their companions on the trip she’d no longer tolerate Kennedy’s hound dog ways. “I’m never going back,” she declared. But within a week, JFK agreed to stop his insatiable skirt-chasing when he learned his wife was pregnant. Still, Jackie seriously considered divorce when her husband stayed out of the country in her final months of pregnancy in August 1956, and missed the premature birth of their stillborn daughter.
Jackie hemorrhaged so badly, she required several blood transfusions. Her brother-in-law Bobby Kennedy called a priest into the hospital room, thinking her grave condition would require last rites. When that drama passed and Jackie started talking divorce, family patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy stepped in and offered his daughter-in-law $1 million to stay married.
“Jackie cracked, ‘Only one million? Why not 10 million?” Andersen writes. She took the money. And Kennedy continued his philandering.
Still, Jackie wasn’t about to let the competition get an edge.
She sought out the advice of Dr. Frank Finnerty, a cardiologist and professor of medicine at Georgetown University, who was one of Bobby’s neighbors.
According to the doctor, Kennedy’s affair with Monroe had bothered her more than all the others because “Marilyn was a loose cannon who could go public at any time.”
On Finnerty’s advice, Jackie got sex books and perfected her foreplay techniques.
Slyly, she told Kennedy that after she confessed to her priest that something was missing in their sexual relationship, the pastor suggested she focus her attention on foreplay. It certainly improved their sex life!
Jacked from The National Enquirer


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