Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Julia Roberts Bullied Sister into Weight Loss Surgery

Julia Roberts' unrelenting teasing forces sister to undergo lap band surgery.
Julia Roberts may be a pretty woman — but she hasn’t been a very kind one to her ugly duckling half-sister.
Speaking out for the first time, Nancy Motes says her star actress sibling has teased her for years about her weight problems.
“When I was in high school and she was an adult, she would just let me know that I was definitely overweight,” Motes, 37, said.
“She would make it quite clear to me and in a not-so-nice a manner.”
“It just makes me feel incredibly hurt and very sad,” added Motes, who once weighed nearly 300 pounds.
The years of criticism pushed Motes, who is the daughter of Roberts’ mother Betty Lou and stepfather Michael Motes, to undergo gastric bypass surgery.
She had the procedure done in June 2010 and now weighs 155 pounds.
Motes is hoping her new look helps her repair the broken relationship with Roberts, 45.
“I think we’re both trying to change our opinions of each other,” Motes said. “It’s a work in progress. It’s not going to be fixed overnight, nor do I think it’s going to be fixed at this point by me just getting skinny.”
Jacked from NY Daily News

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White folks - you really need to stop with this half-sibling bullshit. Seriously. I could marginally understand if this label was reserved for someone you never met, but YOUR MAMA'S CHILD???? WTF? I will never understand. I will also never understand dis-inheriting your children (especially when you ain't got shit), or killing your parents for their money #whitepeopleproblems

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