Monday, August 12, 2013

Kanye West Controlling Kim Kardashian

Sources say Kanye West is using a heavy hand to micromanage girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

KIM Kardashian is under Kanye West‘s control.
Sources say West is aggressively micromanaging every aspect of Kim’s life, and she’s “walking on eggshells” to appease the controlling hip-hop star,In Touch Weekly reports.
“She has to do what he says — or else,” a source told In Touch, in an article that claims Kim has been “trapped by a madman” who’s doing his all to control her every move.
”She knows the littlest thing can set him off. She knows not to push Kanye too far … she’s doing her best to keep him happy.”
Since the birth of his daughter North West June 15, Kanye has “brought in more security around the house and won’t let Kim leave.”
“When the time comes for her to step out into public, he wants her to be wearing outfits he picked out for her,” a source said. “He’s telling her sisters, mom — everyone — what they can and cannot post on twitter.”
The source said Kim’s “fame is a huge bone of contention in their relationship,” and an issue that won’t be going away anytime soon, as “fame is in Kim’s blood.”
Jacked form Showbiz Spy


Unknown said...

Thanks for teh post Kris Jenner. Yeah, it's Kanye's fault that Kimmy Kakes has not lost the weight naturally.

It's all Kanye's fault. Since the famewhore Kim isn't in the psotlight because she hasn't fully healed from the lipo and hasn't sold the baby pics to the highest bidder.... Kris J. is building the suspense around this non-sense.

Anonymous said...


dreadee said...

Dang Kris, don't you got a show to do?! Oh wait, no one is watching it. You probably posted this during the commercials.

Anonymous said...

Thats right Kanye, a pimp gotta keep that ho in her place!!!

Malika said...

I believe this because he did the same thing to Amber Rose.

Anonymous said...

What brought Kayne to Kim is her fame. What will take him away from her is her fame. She will value that over him. She will just have to deal with this fool for 18 years.

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