Monday, August 12, 2013

Ashlee Simpson Meets Diana Ross

Things are getting serious between Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, as Evan takes Ashlee to meet his iconic mom Diana Ross.
Meeting your new boyfriend’s mother can be nerve-racking — especially if she’s Diana Ross. Rather less iconic singer Ashlee Simpson, who’s dating Evan Ross, met Diana for the first time at Aventine Trattoria in LA Saturday night.
Simpson was introduced to the Supremes diva after her one-night performance at the Hollywood Bowl. She sat with the Ross family at the restaurant, where a fellow guest overheard Simpson saying that she was “nervous . . . but Diana is wonderful and very open.” Simpson and her beau, who have been dating since June, were spotted dancing and kissing, and were overheard talking about traveling to Europe together soon.
Jacked from NY Post

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Anonymous said...

Evan why are you taking your beard to meet your mama?????? Stop wasting everyone's time and come out already you sweety, tweety, pie!!!

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