Monday, August 5, 2013

Keith Urban Jennifer Lopez Returning to American Idol

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are out and Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez are back in at American Idol.

She spent two seasons behind the judge’s table at “American Idol,” and it sounds like Jennifer Lopez will be going for the hat trick.
The “Waiting for Tonight” songstress is “very close to signing a deal with FOX to return to American Idol next season,” according to an insider.
The source continued, “Both FOX and Jennifer are very happy about this and want it to happen very much.” Meanwhile, it turns out rumors of J. Lo getting dissed by “The Voice” were completely unfounded. "Jennifer never had discussions with NBC about being a judge. She was approached by NBC about performing but had to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts."
And if/when Lopez returns to “Idol,” she’ll have a seat next to Keith Urban, who will reprise his role for the new season. FOX honcho Kevin Reilly announced, "Keith is going to return to the show . The fans really liked him. Keith is a really funny guy."
Jacked from Celebrity Gossip


Anonymous said...

I hope the folks over at American Idol are much smarter than this

Anonymous said...

How about a farewell show to end this mess of a show. Fox don't need no more new hosts, no old hosts, no guest hosts, just don't return. That would be good news.

Anonymous said...

What needs to fall or kick a FOX exec in the face for them to realize that the American Idol thing is OVA!!! They are trying to keep up with The Voice but AI is so outdated and 2003, c'mon son end this now. Who can remember the last three winners of AI?

Anonymous said...

Damn Jen - miss being on TV much?

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