Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brooke Mueller Caught on Video Smoking Crystal Meth

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller caught on video smoking crystal meth.
It looks as though Brooke Mueller’s latest trip to rehab may be a lifesaver for the troubled star.
Brooke, who lost custody of her twin boys with ex-husband Charlie Sheen prior to her most recent trip to treatment, can be seen on a new video obtained by smoking a substance some are claiming is crack cocaine.
In the video, Brooke can be seen putting a glass pipe to her lips while a friend tapes her. After lighting up and exhaling a large cloud of smoke, Brooke begins to look visibly disoriented, asking her partner in crime, “Where is the crystal? I’ve given you $1500,” before the tape cuts off.
Jacked from Wet Paint


Anonymous said...

Lord help her. I see her swirling the drain in a year or two.

L said...

That is not Crystal meth she is smoking, because she wouldn't be burning it from the top of the pipe. When you smoke crystal in a glass pipe you slowly burn the bottom of it. I know I smoked crystal in a pipe!!!

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