Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Drake Answers Nicki Minaj Dating Question

Ellen grills Drake about his love life and whether or not he dated Nicki Minaj.

It can be awkward when you get asked about your dating history, especially when the women are A-list celebs and you are, oh, on television.
And this could not have been any truer for Drake during an appearance on Ellen, set to air on Friday, Sept. 20.
"I'm going to show you some pictures and you can say, 'Dated her,' 'Dating her now,' 'I've kissed her once,'" host Ellen DeGeneres told the Canadian rapper as he groaned loudly. "This is where my career goes into a downward spiral," Drizzy quipped.
First up: Rihanna.
"Yeah, great girl," Drake said with a slight bit of nervousness in his voice. "We had our moment. Always support and have love for her and yeah…"
Ooh! Care to tell elaborate?
"I heard myself saying something else and I know I'm going to watch it back and be like, 'That wasn't what I thought I said,'" Drake added.
Ellen offered Drake a do-over but he declared he is not "into do-overs. In any regard." Noted, Drake!
Next: Nicki Minaj.
"Me and Nicki are like family," he said. "I just love Nicki with all my heart. We haven't really shared like intimate moments."
OK, so just friends with Nicki.
But Tyra Banks is a different story. The rapper admitted he went out with her…to Disneyland in disguise!
"I don't know if it was a date," he added. "It was a get-together. We're close as well. This is really bad…How did you not tell me about this?"
"We like to surprise our guests," Ellen joked.
Drake was then asked about Kim Kardashian, whom he never dated, and lastlym Two Broke Girls star Kat Dennings.
"I just always had a huge crush on Katm and she was kind enough one night to oblige me and we went out for dinner."
And what about Drake's love life now?
"I'm single," he said as the audience cheered. "I'm ready to mingle."
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