Monday, September 16, 2013

Jessica Alba Busted with an iPhone

Big bucks Nokia Lumina smartphone endorsement deal be damned, Jessica Alba flaunts her iPhone.
That didn't take long!
Actress Jessica Alba has been busted carrying an Apple iPhone just four months after her Windows 8 Nokia Lumia endorsement deal expired.
In a PR blow for Microsoft, the Sin City star has been spotted using her new iPhone all around New York City in the last week - the brand she reportedly used before endorsing the Windows smartphone.
The 32-year-old actress snapped selfies at the U.S. Open with her new Apple accessory last week, and brandished it proudly at Diane von Furstenberg's recent New York Fashion Week show. Microsoft signed up the actor-turned-entrepreneur late last year to talk up the virtues of the new Windows Phone 8.
She attended the phone's launch in San Francisco where she spent some time talking about switching from an iPhone to Windows, according to CNET.
Alba also appeared in a prolific ad campaign for the new smartphone which asked viewers to 'Meet Jessica' and her Windows phone.
Business Insider reported a Microsoft spokesperson said Alba still occasionally uses her Lumia phone, even though her contract expired in May.
Jacked from The Daily Mail  

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Niyabinghi Warrior. said...

This is why no sane person buys shit a celebrity indorses, those greedy, shady hos can't be trusted about the product they are indorsing. she's lucky her contract expired or else they would have sued this bitch for breech of contract. smh they are better off using regular folks to adveertize their products as least their asses would be loyal and believable about the product they are endorsing and they would actually use and advertize said product.

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