Monday, September 16, 2013

Vanna White's Son in a Gay Relationship with Hare Krishna Monk

Wheel of Fortune letter turner Vanna White's dating Hare Krishna Monk and asking mom for $1 million so they can live comfortably.
We’re about to break the bank to buy some vowels because WEEEEEEEEEERRQ. Apparently Vanna White’s 19 year old son Nicholas, who prefers to be called “Nikko,” has entered into a “special relationship” with Hare Krishna monk Jaycee Akinsanya. The two unlikely lovebirds met as current freshmen at the University of Arizona, where Liberian-born Akinsanya, 34, is well known for attending classes in his Hare Krishna robe to attract visitors to his meditation center.
While Nikko seems happy in his new relationship, he stops short of explicitly defining it as gay, telling the National Enquirer (via The Daily Mail),“’I have had one girlfriend and never had a real boyfriend. We are just happy to be together, loving each other in whatever way possible, Gay? It’s possible.” He adds that their relationship is not “sexual in the full sense.”Whatever that means.
The years of grueling letter turning work have apparently paid off for Vanna White, who is said to be worth upwards of $40 million. Add that to the fact that Nikko’s father, restaurateur George Santo Pietro is worth over $20 million, and there are some who think that Akinsanya’s motivations may be financial in nature. The National Enquirer reports that a “showbiz friend” of Vanna White claims that Akinsanya “is clearly targeting Nikko for his family’s money.” Little is known about Akinsanya’s Liberian roots or how he came to be involved with the Hare Krishna religion, but in 2001 he was allegedly evicted for failing to pay $1,500 in rent in Washington state, where he lived at the time.
Ever the masters of subtlety, the National Enquirer further reports that White is “terrified” that she may be losing her son to Akinsanya and the Hare Krishna religion. She has flat out denied a $1 million request from her son for living expenses and to live his “spiritual life” with his new boyfriend. Akinsanya, meanwhile, has taken a “break” from his monk duties and is converting his ashram (group spiritual home) into a private residence for himself and Nikko.
The two have already met with Nikko’s parents and describe the meeting as a success. “My mom and dad like Jaycee” he said, before adding the most crucial key to their acceptance: “They don’t think he is a demon.” As we all know, the secret of a successful gay interracial May/December relationship is that there are no demons involved. We wish these boys the best of luck and pray that there is someone filming all this for an upcoming reality show.
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Niyabinghi Warrior. said...

Vanna better not give her idiot ass son shit, these fucking rich kids and their sense of entitlement. his mama been working hard for years standing on her foot turning them damn letters. and this fool goes and get's involved with some shady ass conman/fake ass guru/swami/svengali. I swear these various fake ass spiritual guru's/swami/babalow/santera/palera. this is why the great mother said to stop teaching men spirituality, they simply cannot supress their patriachal need to dominate, opress and prey on others in the name of "enlightenment". his ass is old enough to get a damn job, his mom better not pay for some parasitic fake ass swami ashram. fuck both these hoes. I wish one of my kids would come to me with some fuckery like this. get ryan seacrest to fund this fuckery and make a reality show out this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

smash this fools white cakes to smithereens

Anonymous said...

Told y'all that west African dick ain't to be played with. I knew they were fucking!!!!

Anonymous said...

asking for a million dollars so you can live comfortably? that takes balls. not even faking a job search...we're just gonna chill.

Anonymous said...

Jaycee Asakinyatupacshakfghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is clearly gay for pay, soon as that negro gets his 1 mil, he's catching a one way flight ticket back to Liberia to find his Mrs. and have 5.2 kids in his new mansion.

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