Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kevin Federline Vetos Britney Spears Vegas Plans for Son

Britney Spears ex-husband Kevin Federline is refusing to allow their 8-year-old son Preston to join Britney on stage during her 2-year Las Vegas residency.

Kevin Federline is crapping on Britney Spears' bright idea ... to put one of their sons on stage during her Las Vegas show, essentially saying, "Over my dead body."
When Brit announced her Vegas extravaganza she said 8-year-old Sean Preston would "probably be on stage" ... making surprise appearances from time to time.
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Anonymous said...

Good for you Kevin. Keep your son away from that fiasco

Anonymous said...

If her handlers think having her son on stage will help to sell a few more tickets, then regardless of what Federline says, Britney's son will be on stage. Britney has NO SAY in her career. She just does and says whatever her peddlers tell her to do/say.

Anonymous said...

Britney can smile just as big and brightly as she is ordered but her eyes still look sad and lifeless.

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