Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kris Jenner TV Crew Happy the Show was Canceled

The television crew working on the Kris Jenner talk show is happy the show was canceled because Kris was a nightmare to work with.

While Kris Jenner may be disappointed her daytime talk show wasn’t picked up for another season — as exclusively reported last week — her crew couldn’t be happier!
A new report from Star claims Kris would show up the set hungover, was annoying to the staff and overall unbearable.
“We could not wait for the end of the show’s six-week trial period,” a member of Kris’ production team told Star.
“Working with Kris was absolutely unbearable. She would show up on set hung over and demand her beauty team to fix her up and make her look stunning.”
And even more, the crew member tells the magazine that staff got no “extras” like they usually do on other talk show sets — instead Kris would hoard them for her family.
“Kris would give goody bags to the audience, but instead of giving the crew some too, which is typical, she insisted that she take them home to her family. Talk about tacky!” the insider revealed.
“And at the wrap party, Kris gifted the crew with fleece blankets that looked like they came directly off an American Airlines plane — they didn’t even have the show’s logo embroidered on them!”
As Radar exclusively reported, Kris was told by FOX execs that her show would not be coming back for a second run.
“There is no chance the talk show is going to get a green light from FOX,” the insider told Radar.
“The ratings were averaging an abysmal 0.8 and advertisers were less than enthusiastic about it.”
Kris denied reports that her show was axed, tweeting, “Rumors flying are false but glad everyone is still buzzing about our 6 week summer run!!!!”
Jacked from Radar Online


Anonymous said...

master witch

Anonymous said...

I mean i'm no fan, and I'm inclined to believe it all, but who in the hell hates someone so much they are HAPPY their employment has ended. Come on

Anonymous said...

^^^^^were you not HAPPY when pres Bush employment ended?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^and I will thrilled when Obamas' time is up!

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