Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lance Bass Knows Tons of Closeted Celebrities

Former boy bander Lance Bass says he knows tons of closeted gay celebrities.
Lance Bass says he knows "tons" of closeted gay celebrities, but he has no intention of outing them any time soon.
The former NSYNC'er appeared on Bethenny Frankel's show, "Bethenny," Sept. 19 and played a round of "Would You Ever?" backstage. He pulled questions out of fish bowl, one of which was: "Would you ever lie to help a closeted celebrity stay closeted?"
"Yes, I would and I have," Bass says in the episode set to air Monday. "I know tons of celebrities that are in the closet right now. But it's up to them to decide if they want to come out or not. And I will support any decision they make."
Jacked from Huff Po 


Anonymous said...

very mature Lance.

Anonymous said...

Lance has always come off as one of those mature, respectable, non-messy gays. Good for him minding HIS business.

That being said, some of us know half of Hollyweird is gay, it's just the celeb-obsessed peons who refuse to consider otherwise...

Niyabinghi Warrior. said...

I never liked him, something about him is off. he looks like a rageoholic/cokehead behind closed doors and bitter queen to boot. this nice guy act is not fooling anyone. hunty you ain't telling us nothing we don't know 99% of the industry is gay, married or not. in this age of Aquarius nothing is hidden, its only the so called elites still operating under the Piscerian era and fail to understand most see behind the veil. dosen't he have a wedding to plan with a hot guy, I must say I don't think that union will last. Lance nice guy act does not fool me him or Ryan Gaycrest another closeted peen lover. trust honey no pearls will be clutched over those revelations.

nba is fixed said...

Half of hollyweird is gay? No, damn near all of hollyweid is gay!

Anonymous said...

Its the "who is straight" book that would be shocking Lance, we the public know what's up already. White men are all gay, don't know why that is. Besides that, Lance looks weird, like a genetically made human roid in the labs of some secret government research , facility, like those robots in the Alien movie saga.

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