Monday, October 28, 2013

Jenna Jameson Cancels Book Tour

Former porn star Jenna Jameson cancels her book tour after second bizarre interview.
After a slurred television interview on Monday, Jenna Jameson has reportedly cancelled all television appearances promoting her new novel, Sugar.
Sources close to the star told website TMZ, that Jenna broke-off plans to appear on a local news station on Thursday morning giving very 'little notice'.
The 39-year-old later made the decision to 'pull the plug on the rest of the interviews on her schedule.'
According to the website: 'Jenna felt the negative attention surrounding her previous interviews was overwhelming and she desperately needed a break.'
However the star hasn't abandoned all publicity as she still attended a book signing event at Barnes & Noble bookstore in Los Angeles on Friday.
The Las Vegas-born star showed off her pins in tiny black shorts and strappy heels, which she teamed with a stylish, bra-flashing lace T-shirt.
A spokesman for Jenna declined to comment when the MailOnline approached them following the recent reports.
Jacked from The Daily Mail

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WTF!!!!!!! said...

She's a prescription med-head and alkie, and has no intentions of stopping. Had enough nerve to say her slurred speech and wigged out behavior on interviews, was due to jet lag. She's a hot ass mess and always has been. Built an empire off her diseased twat. Ashame when her kids get older...they will be tormented by classmates that their mother was the queen of whoredom.

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