Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lamar Odom Turns Down Miley Cyrus

Lamar Odom snubs Miley Cyrus after she invites him to party with her.

Miley Cyrus' wild-child antics might be grabbing the attention of some, but it isn't flying with Lamar Odom.
Sources tell Life & Style that the NBA free agent, who's reportedly battled drug addiction, snubbed Miley at a recent party at Beacher's Madhouse in LA.
When Miley spotted Lamar in the crowd, "she invited him to come smoke and hang out with her,” a fellow partygoer tells Life & Style. Unfortunately for Miley, Khlo√© Kardashian’s husband declined: “Lamar didn’t want to be next to Miley and for rumors to fly.”
Miley's latest bid for attention caused controversy after she lit up a joint at the MTV EMAs in Amsterdam during her acceptance speech for Best Video.
Jacked from Life & Style


Anonymous said...

Good for him. I hope he pulls throught this dragging that his fake family is dragging him through. And stay away from the yt girls they dogging this man's name.

Anon said...

I guess he thought dealing with one trashy white woman was enough. Not as dumb as I thought.

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