Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chaz Furious at Cher Over Sonny Bono Joke

Chaz Bono is furious with his mother, rock icon Cher, for making a tasteless joke about his deceased father Sonny Bono.

THE simmering feud between Cher and her son Chaz Bono exploded recently after the “Woman’s World” singer made a nasty crack about Chaz’s father, the late Sonny Bono.
On Halloween, the 67-year-old superstar hosted a Q&A session on Facebook during which she was asked what she would say to her ex today if she only had one minute to speak to him. Cher wisecracked: “How hot is it where you just came from?”
The flippant comment – implying that Sonny was in hell – sent Chaz through the roof, says a source. “Chaz was enraged,” the source continued. “But he bit his tongue for a while because he’d already promised to help Cher for her appearance as a guest judge on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’”
Cher admitted she was nervous about her Nov. 4 spot on “DWTS,” and she turned to her 44-year-old son for advice. Chaz was a fan favorite on Season 13 of the hit reality dance competition, even though he came in seventh.
Chaz sat quietly in the audience during his mother’s appearance, but he “really let her have it afterward,” disclosed the source.
In the past, Cher has said that Sonny – whom she split with in 1975 after nearly 11 years of marriage – was a “terrible husband” who cheat¬ed on her and then bled her dry during their divorce. But Sonny had always been a rock for Chaz, especially when he was a female named Chastity and struggling with his sexuality. And he apparently wasn’t going to sit by idly while his mom trashed his dad, who died in a skiing accident in 1998 when Chastity was 28.
“Chaz told Cher that he’s ‘fed up’ with her vicious attacks — especially since Sonny’s not around to defend himself,” revealed the source.
“He screamed at her and stalked off in a huff.” Chaz and Cher have a stormy history dating back to the days when he, as Chastity, came out as a lesbian. More recently, as The ENQUIRER reported, Chaz was miffed when Cher tried to up¬stage him after he transformed his physique from flabby to fabulous.
Just as Chaz reached his goal weight and started showing off his svelte new figure, his mom grabbed head-lines with a sexy lingerie photo shoot – vamping as a slinky blonde bombshell on the cover of her new album, “Closer to the Truth.”
“Chaz worked his butt off to get his new body,” said an insider. “Then here comes his mom, and with some blonde hair dye and a little computer magic, she’s flaunting how sensational she looks at 67. “It seems as if Cher can’t let Chaz enjoy his success without trying to do him one better.” And now, her “vicious, mean-spirited remark” about Sonny has opened the wounds all over again, said the source, adding: “Chaz is going to find it hard to forgive Cher this time.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer

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