Saturday, November 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus Got Robbed

Miley Cyrus had her house burglarized one day before her birthday.
Miley Cyrus celebrated her 21st birthday last Saturday, but she got a surprise she definitely didn't see coming -- a visit from some robbers at her home in Los Angeles!
The police said Miley wasn't home when her house was burglarized, but according to [Life & Style], a source admits she was pretty torn apart about the whole incident, saying, "She's extremely upset and a lot of personal items were stolen. She's really shaken up about the whole thing."
Miley definitely didn't show any frustration about he robbery while she was performing at the AMAs last night, but it's still sad she had to deal with such a bummer on her birthday.
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WTF??!!!!!! said...

There's no reason for her to be butt nekkid or twerking her pancake ass to sell her music. She's worth something like $150 million off that hanna montana shit. Her parents really screwed this child up.

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