Monday, November 11, 2013

Tori Spelling Expected More From Father's Will

Tori Spelling admits she expected much more from her late father TV mogul Aaron Spelling's will.

Her film and television producer father Aaron Spelling died back in 2006 leaving behind an estate worth an estimated $500 million.
But Tori Spelling was widely reported to have only received approximately $800,000 in cash and stocks in the late TV mogul's will .
And now, amid claims she is going through money troubles, the 40-year-old actress and reality star has revealed she had expected more of her father's substantial fortune.
'I lost my father. I lost my hero,' she told Cecilia Vega in an interview with ABC News on Tuesday when asked if she expected a greater settlement. 'But did I think I would get more? Yes.'
Tori's mother Candy, with whom she has reportedly had a difficult relationship, inherited the bulk of her husband's fortune. 'According to Google, you are worth $15 million,' said Vega. 'And you say, "I want to set the record straight. I didn’t have $1 million." That is shocking to a lot of people. Set the record straight. Are you broke?'
'I am not broke. No,' Tori said, admitting she has scaled back some of her spending habits.
Jacked from The Daily Mail 


Anonymous said...

I was socked when I heard what she got too.. Oh well..

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Well daddy was pissed when he spent all those millions on that wedding that lasted 1 year. these rich kids have a sense of entitlement and its not like Tori has not been financially irresponsible, I doubt Candy's trifling ass is going to leave her anything either. that bitch will probably leave the money to some charity or her dogs. oh well Tori at least you have healthy, cute looking children despite how hideous you are facially and body wise, a husband who left his wife with handicapped children for yo ass no less. and you have been able to make money as an actress, living within your means is not a death sentence.

nba is fixed said...

Tory Spelling is one of the ugliest D-list celebrities I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

i hate to admit it, because God don't like ugly, and i hear He aint too fond of cute, but um er ah, she is one ugly broad. with all that money, she couldnt find a good plastic surgeon to fix that face? WTH? i wouldnt want to look like her for ALL the kings horses and ALL the kings men!

Anonymous said...

lol! i remember watching fashion police once and someone said she was homely and joan rivers felt some kind of way about the guest going in on her...and i was like...well, come on now joan...the child IS ugly! i mean what part dont you understand? the ug, or the GLY?

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