Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Victoria Beckham Upset Over Vogue Snub

Pop star turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham upset after being passed over for position at Vogue.
Victoria Beckham was snubbed for a role with British Vogue magazine.
The former Spice Girl is said to be "upset" after being overlooked for a position at fashion publication in favour of Kate Moss, who will was recently appointed Contributing Fashion Editor.
A source revealed to Heat magazine: "Vic has always had a good relationship with Alexandra [Shulman, Vogue's editor] and expressed an interest in working for them two years ago during a work lunch in London.
"It has always been Victoria's dream to work for a fashion magazine, so when this came up and they approached her about it a few months ago, she was beside herself with excitement."
It is reported the 39-year-old beauty believed she was a front-runner for the role and even told a few people in her close circle of the exciting opportunity.
The source continued: "She knew it wasn't set in stone and there were other candidates being considered, but she had no idea Kate Moss was in the running and was sure the job would be hers.
"She kept quiet about the job but was so excited that she told a few friends and family, who were all thrilled."
Victoria's - who is married to David Beckham - own fashion label has gone from strength to strength as she operates from a studio with around 100 staff in south London.
She presented her collections at New York Fashion Week and is currently eyeing her first store in Mayfair, London.
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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Kate Moss modeling and heavily engrossed in the fashion world/industry even before we knew what a Spice Girl was?

WTF??!!!!!! said...

I guess she should've licked anna wintour's saggy cooch and maybe that would've helped her boney ass. She already filthy rich, married to david beckham, has her own fashion line and will soon have her own stores...but she's a narcissist and wants a position @ vogue. Fuck this pale face.

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