Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zac Efron Drug Relapse Fears

Zac Efron fuels speculation that he's using drugs again after a bizarre accident at his home that resulted in a broken jaw.
ZAC Efron has fueled speculation he’s using drugs again.
The actor, 26, broke his jaw on Sunday at his Los Angeles-area home. Efron, who apparently slipped on a puddle, has his mouth wired shut and received stitches from a gash he suffered.
Plans to promote upcoming film That Awkward Moment have been postponed.
TMZ is skeptical of the official story from Efron’s camp, and claims that Efron — who battled cocaine abuse but had also been dabbling in Molly — has been struggling to stay clean. Zac was recently urged to rehabilitate his career — after four bombs at the box office. Efron once starred in movies like Hairspray, 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud and The Lucky One that raked in millions upon millions at the box office, but the last four movies Efron has done have failed miserably.
Not one of the four — Liberal Arts, The Paperboy, At Any Price and Parkland — managed to hit the $1 million mark at the box office.
“Zac’s movie career is in desperate need of rehab!” a source said. “It could be that he’s making poor choices when it comes to movie roles, or he may just not be getting offers for good movies. But either way, he needs to revamp his career and make a major comeback or else he’ll be forgotten.
Efron is dating British beauty Lily Collins, and pals think she’s the perfect fit for him. “Lily is the perfect girl for Zac to be dating right now. She’s young, gorgeous and smart — but more than anything, she doesn’t drink or use drugs,” a source told Radar.
“Zac knows if he wants to save his career and his life, he needs to stay sober and it’s making his transition a lot easier to be dating someone like Lily.”
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

The sad thing is those contracts they signed or their parents signed when they were children, are like subprime loans now under water. hollyweird much like the housing industry has gone bust, and actors their collateral are just not making back the amount of money to pay back those fame loans. he has a lot of personal and professional problems. Disney is cursed and I don't know why people are still sending their kids to be consumed by those succubus and incubus. that older abusive male lover around him takes great pleasure in tormenting him. the sad reality is I don't see him coming out of this alive, even if he leave hollyweird his demons and what was done to him, have done a number on him emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. his only hope would be entering some kind of Buddhist monastery, for a few years.

Unknown said...

Well all you need is a nose for coke...and it will numb the pain from the injury!!

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