Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cara Delevingne Gropes Joan Smalls

Cara Delevingne grabs a handful of Joan Smalls' boob in a supermodel sandwich on Instagram.

Cara Delevingne is genuinely goofy (see: that video where she's lifting weights in a unicorn onesie). But the 21-year-old British supermodel is also savvy about what ignites the Internet, too, like this photo she posted on Saturday of her, Joan Smalls, and Karlie Kloss.
"#regram sleepover, snuggling, spooning, forking and all of the above! ? @joansmalls @karliekloss," she captioned it, but "SUPERMODELS BOOB-GRABBING EACH OTHER!" would've worked, too.
Some have blasted Cara for using "the oldest trick in the book," trying to "titillate male admirers by engaging in girl-on-girl action." Which— as simple and silly as the photo is— brings up a much deeper debate. Like, isn't it more offensive to assume her flirtiness had no motivation behind it other than to attract the male gaze?
Jacked from Elle


Anonymous said...

i find it "offensive" that this overrated attention whore gets as much publicity as she does. she's built an entire career based around her eyebrows and those goofy faces she pulls. i wish she would hurry up and age out of the modeling industry, but i'm sure the powers-that-be will keep her around well past her sell-by date(which was last year, imo).

Its Miss Cunt to you Hoes said...

@2:01 PM
Cosign to the 9th power, if we also stopped responding to her idiotic pictures, the industry will get the message and stop trying to foist, the drugged out, no talent smelly dirty cat on us. I refuse to cosign nepotism of the rich and untalented. this bland white wonder bread ho like so many other clones in the industry are as interesting as radioactive waste.

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