Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Justin Bieber Moons Lil Za

Justin Bieber moons Lil Za and posts it on Instagram.
Justin Bieber is such a prankster! When he’s not egging mansions or peeing in the snow, the Canadian superstar is playing jokes on his friends. The latest victim is aspiring rapper/housemate Lil Za, who was arrested for drug possession during the now infamous egg raid.
He made the mistake of falling asleep in Justin’s presence and was punished (?) with a face full of ass. Happily, the 19-year-old took a photo to save the moment for posterity and uploaded it to Instagram with the quip: “@lilza u ass leep????” What wit! If all else fails, the “Boyfriend” singer could always pursue a career in comedy.
Jacked from Idolator  


Anonymous said...

we know you're gay, justin. no need to drop hints like this. just come on out, do your cover of 'people' magazine and disappear back to canada!

Anonymous said...

I just as tired of his lil ass. he's just as annoying as the Kardashians.

Its Miss Cunt to you Hoes said...

For someone so young, his ass looks raggedly, beat up and flabby. he should have kept his ugly pale albino ass covered.

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