Monday, January 20, 2014

Lil Za Claimed Drugs During Justin Bieber Raid

Sources say Lil Za was the only person who admitted drugs belonged to him during the raid at Justin Biebers House.

Law enforcement officials are a bit confused why Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Za would take to Twitter to allude to anything racially charged in reference to his arrest Tuesday, Celebuzz has learned.
And here's why.
“He was pretty angry throughout the whole process,” a source close to the case told CB!
“But he was one of six or seven male black Americans [at Bieber's Calabasas house] and no one else went to jail except for the one who admitted the drugs were his. That tells you something.”
In addition to finding a substance police believed to be cocaine and now think could be Molly (a pure form of ecstasy), our source adds that Lil Za (real name Xavier Smith) even further confessed he didn’t have a prescription for the Xanax found, which, of course, is also illegal.
Here's the online rant to jog your memory...
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Anonymous said...

So basically he was the BIG Dummy of the house. Aren't they in Cali? Did he get locked up twice in 2 days? Well the third one is gonna send this fool away for Life. I guess JB must give the bomb BJ's for someone to risk their freedom.

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