Monday, February 10, 2014

Kanye West Secretly Contacting Amber Rose?

Sources claim Kanye West has been secertly keeping in contact with his ex Amber Rose.
Kanye West’s sneaky calls with his ex Amber Rose!
She’s the former lover who hates Kim Kardashian, so why does Kanye West think it’s OK to chat with Amber Rose?
After banning Kim Kardashian from contact with all of her exes, Now can reveal Kanye West's been regularly chatting to his ex Amber Rose!
Kim, 33, is likely to hit the roof when she finds out.
‘It's shocking because Kanye's so paranoid about Kim's exes,' says a source.
‘Before she became pregnant, he asked her to cut contact with them all.
‘He's even talked about getting it written into their prenup that she won't talk to any of them. So for him to be talking to Amber, of all people, is playing with fire.'
Kanye dated Amber, 30, from 2008 to 2010, while Kim was with American football star Reggie Bush, 28. Our source says Kanye's conversations are innocent and they've simply been swapping baby chat, plus Amber's hubby Wiz Khalifa, 26, has even been giving him daddy tips.
‘In reality, Kim doesn't have anything to worry about,' confirms the insider. 'Amber's totally devoted to Wiz, but it's still really inappropriate - especially considering Kanye's determined she doesn't talk to her exes.'
Kanye's reps declined to comment.
Jacked from Now Magazine


Anonymous said...

All of these people are stupid. Why would Amber just not change her number

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Kim was not an upgrade from Amber, I think Amber looks way better. this funky ass, slack jawed Gaylord, if not for his money and fame no women in her right mind, with give this swole face egomaniac the time of day.

Sunno said...

Niyabinghi, yes you are correct. Kim is a ran through down grade.

Anonymous said...

Amber is a better beard than Kim

Anonymous said...

Kim looks so ultra fucked up now, she needs to quit it with the plastic surgeries. Her sex appeal is gone baby gone!

Anonymous said...

Kim can't keep her legs closed and would creep on him as she has with her previous exes, he probably put a tracking device on her.

Anonymous said...

i like amber better for the fact that she doesn't have a busload of equally annoying siblings and a ruthless famewhore pimp for a mother who are constantly in the media.

Anonymous said...

Amber is a much classier whote than Kim... He messed up when he picked that one, but Amber seems so much happier with Wiz.

I think Kany zaps the life out of people. I could care less about her mental health, but she seems down since she's been with him and had that baby.

Anonymous said...

We're really arguing about which talentless white whore is better than the other?

zeeedeee said...

Kim doesn't seem to have much of a personality..she just follows really well...amber on the other hand spits fire...I've seen black men that entertain doormats like Kim run not walk back to the other side cause they miss that flavor

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