Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kim and Kanye Spending Valentines Day Apart

Kim Kardashian furious with Kanye West for booking a concert on Valentines Day.
KANYE WEST won’t get a topless motorbike ride with KIM KARDASHIAN this Valentine’s Day – he’s playing a gig instead. The rapper is in fiancĂ©e Kim’s bad books after booking a February 14 concert on the EAST coast of the States while she will be on the WEST.
An insider said of Kanye’s Baltimore gig: “Kim went nuts when she found out. “She now faces the choice of a five-hour flight just to be with him or spending February 14 home alone in LA.” Well, there’s always Skype.
It’s all very different from three months ago when Kanye took a day off from his Yeezus tour so he could propose to Kim on her 33rd birthday.
Jacked from The Sun

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She can spend time with her baby and family.

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