Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Cuts Off Bad Friends

Lindsay Lohan cuts off her bad circle of friends for her last chance at a come back.
Lindsay Lohan has cut off all contact with her “bad friends” and plans to hole up in her SoHo digs as she gets set to produce and star in the upcoming psychological thriller “Inconceivable,” which is set to shoot in late March, Confidenti@l has learned.
We’re told the “Liz and Dick” star is obsessed with returning to the big screen because the film could be her final shot at starring in a blockbuster.
“She has Randall Emmett, who produced ‘Lone Survivor’ and ‘Broken City,’ helping her,” Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, tells us. “She’s cut the bad friends out of her life and is taking this seriously.”
LiLo has just wrapped her eight-part series for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. Her dad makes an appearance in the final episode, he adds.
The show, “Lindsay,” begins airing Sunday, March 9.
We’re told Oprah’s production crew, which had trouble keeping tabs on Lindsay throughout filming, is even contemplating a reshoot of Lohan on the “Inconceivable” set — to show her actually working on a movie.
Jacked from NY Daily News

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Anonymous said...

Her final shot at starring in a blockbuster was that talking car movie a few years ago. Lindsay is another O.D. waiting to happen as opposed to another Robert Downey, Jr.. She's burned too many bridges, acts too entitled, and is too addicted to drugs and the fast life to ever make a comeback.

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