Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prince and Adele Working on New Music

Prince and Adele are set to collaborate on a new song together.
Award-winning singers Adele and Prince are set to collaborate on producing a new track together.
The artistes have reportedly met and discussed the prospect of a collaboration just last week at his secret London gig, reports dailymail.co.uk.
British singer Adele, 25, was spotted at the same nightclub as the gig and she is said to have had a brief
discussion about the recording with Prince, 55, before he performed at the gig.
The gig was packed with celebrity audience members, including Rita Ora, Kate Moss and Stephen Fry.
According to a source, "The reason Adele only stayed a short time at Prince`s gig at Ronnie Scott`s in London was because it was just a business meeting and she needed to get home. They wanted to work together on a track for her next album."
However, a spokesman for Prince has denied the claims.
"Not true. She just came to enjoy the show," said the spokesman.
Adele is scheduled to release her third studio album this year.
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Anonymous said...


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Ohh that would be a great collaboration, I'm feeling that vibe.

WTF??!!!!!! said...


Anonymous said...

That shitz gonna be wack. Prince aint got it no more.

Anonymous said...

3:49, bite your tongue! Prince will ALWAYS have it, and don't forget it! Lol, that's my love! Weird as he is! And he is the reigning King of The Side-Eye!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! That should be an awesome record...for true music lovers. Everybody else is just ignorant!

Anonymous said...

@3:49 you must be under the age of 25. Just because Prince isn't in the top 10 billboard pop songs like he was in the 80's doesn't mean his no longer produces high-quality music.

Nowadays it's like pulling teeth to find quality rock/r&b/even country music.

If this is true it's certainly to be a smash. Prince has an amazing body of music and Adele seems adamant about creating a quality body of music herself.

Anonymous said...

I hope it better than the songs he made with Kim Basinger and Vanity 6.

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