Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Red Hot Chili Peppers Caught Playing Air Guitar

The Red Hot Chili Peppers busted for faking it with their instruments at the Super Bowl.

Red Hot Chili Peppers have been accused of not plugging in their guitars for Sunday's performance at the Super Bowl. When they joined Bruno Mars for a rendition of Give It Away, both Flea and Josh Klinghoffer seem to have been bashing away at inaudible instruments.
The Chili Peppers' unplugged moment was observed by two different eagle-eyed musicians, whose tweets were caught by New York Magazine. "That guitar is plugged into NOTHING," wrote Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid. "Flea... I mean we all know, but for god's sake at least try to humor the children," added Joe Bonamassa. Not only did Flea's bass and Klinghoffer's axe lack any trailing cables - they didn't even have wireless packs, which are required for any real unhampered noodling.
Since then, various fans have collected the forensic evidence: one photograph, taken last year, shows Flea playing what seems like the same bass, but with a conspicuous wireless pack. Other videos highlighted Flea's rambunctious, uninhibited miming.
As Reid and others have pointed out, it's not unusual for giant televised performances to use pre-recorded music. "They leave NOTHING to chance," Reid wrote. And wireless packs "would be a nightmare given the huge amount of wireless channels [in use]". Nevertheless, he argued "it's a flaw in the illusion". "[Producers] slipped up by not covering that for camera. They actually DON'T want Blatantly Fake made obvious."
Last year, Disclosure were criticised for leaving their laptops unplugged during a set at Capital FM's Summertime Ball. The DJs claimed that they had been ordered to mime their performance; they left the plugs out "on purpose", they said, to make sure their audience was in on the joke.
Jacked from The Guardian


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

That's a damn shame, usually I expect this from some singers but bands too. oh well all is forgiven if they don't do that shit again, RHCP are one of my all time favorite band, Under The Bridge is my shit!!! as is Give It Away Now!!!. they made some damn good songs so I can't be too mad at them, I would be pissed if I paid for a live concert and they did that mime shit. Flea get it together not cool!!.

Anonymous said...

Forget about air guitar. The main message of that performance was PREPARE

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