Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Twitter Trolls Dub North West 'Ignori'

Twitter trolls dub North West, nickname Nori, Ignori because her parents don't spend any time with her.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s parenting style isn’t winning them any points with the harsh critics of Twitter.
The pair, who are often spotted out and about without their adorable 7-month-old daughter, North— because, unsurprisingly, working parents sometimes have to do things that aren’t suited to babies — have earned their bundle of joy a new nickname: Ignori.
The couple, who recently took vacations to Paris and Miami while their little one was in the care of Kim’s family (and, undoubtedly, a whole team of nannies), have fended off criticism regarding their alleged absentee parenting since their daughter was born.
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Sunno said...

Kanye doesn't want to expose his baby to the Kardashian lifesty, which I can totally understand, but for these media whores it looks bad to not been seen with your daughter at some point as a family. The Carters seem to be able to handle there schedules without neglecting Blu, maybe they should take a page from their book. IMO

Anonymous said...

That was an anchor baby... anchor o the wallet, tha tis. Kims show is about ot be cancelled and ain't nobody checking for her antics. Sears stores are closing and their clothing and makeup lines are JUST * mmmmph* She had to make a living somehow, so this was the only option. If it wasn't Kanye, it would have been someone else - HE JUST GOT LUCKY LOL!

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