Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rihanna and Eminen Heading Out on Tour

Rihanna and Eminem are heading out on a mini Monster Tour.

Rihanna and Eminem are collaborating once again by heading off on tour together.
The pop star has teamed with the rapper on two hit singles, Love the Way You Lie and Monster, and now they are reuniting for a series of joint shows this summer (14).
The Monster tour will stop at stadiums in Los Angeles, New York and Eminem's hometown of Detroit, Michigan in August (14).
Eminem says of the joint concerts, "There are some shows coming up with Rihanna. It's a three-city tour: New York, L.A. and Detroit coming in August. The Monster Tour."
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WTF??!!!!!! said...

2 lost souls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This should be called the wack and wacker tour. Em's new music is garbage and I would never pay money to see Rihanna's non singing ass live. This tour is going to be a mess.

As a former eminem fan I must say its disappointing to see the sell out he has become. He was so anti mainstream pop for many years now he's doing lame pop songs and tours with even lamer pop stars.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I second that @ 2pm. I'm a HUGE Eminem fan and am also disappointed with what he's become. Smh. I'm happy he's not coming to Chicago. At least I won't be tempted to see him live lol

Anonymous said...

Well it IS a "mini" tour. It's just enough shows for Em to gain more tix sales through Rihanna, and just enough shows for Em to not completely alienate his original fanbase lol!

signwithclass said...

Well at least Rihanna stands a chance to actually sell tickets in the U S now.

Anonymous said...

@8.10 PM - Her most recent tour was a sellout. Information available on Billboard. She was in top 10 of the highest grossing tour of 2013. It's exactly as 7.37 pm said, to combat the possibility of weak sales Em has added Rih. Some established acts are realizing their over priced tickets aren't cutting it with fans - Miley and Gaga have struggled to sellout their current tours, and have resorted to slashing ticket prices.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna sold out her most recent tour. Em is adding her to make sure he sells tickets.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Posted twice because I thought post didn't go through.

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