Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sofia Vergara in an Open Relationship

Actress Sofia Vergara is in an open relationship with fiancé' Nick Loeb, whether she knows it or not.

About 4 months ago, I went out one night with a group of friends in Delray Beach. We ended up at at bar/club called Delux. Nick Loeb was there and approached one of my girlfriends. He pulled her aside to talk to her. After a few minutes, he came over to the rest of us girls and said that he invited her to his house and he would like to invite us also. We all just thought he was a regular older guy. We were all sore of take back, so I told him that we would discuss our plans and let him know. Then he said “You won’t have a better time anywhere in this county, but at my mansion”.
So as he continued to talk to my friend he originally pulled aside, the rest of our group was saying that we weren’t sure, but if our friend that is talking to him now wants to go, then we would go along. I called her over for a second and I asked her if she was interested in the guy (Nick). She then said ” Do you know who that is ?”. I said no! She said ” That is Sofia Vergara’s boyfriend and he lives just a few blocks away on the beach”. So then she confirmed that she wanted to go to his house. (She is all about men with $$). So she rode with him and the rest of us followed in our 2 cars that we came to the club in.
We got to his house. It was a gorgeous mansion. We all complimented him on his house and he was such a narcissistic ass it was unbelievable. It went from us complimenting his house to him bragging about every stupid light, fixture, art, etc in his house (BORING! lol).
He has a small bar, so he told us to help ourselves. I am not a drinker, but my friends helped themselves to a drink. I made a drink for my friend he was interested in, so she wouldn’t have any issues with anything being put in her drink. We all then sat down in his living room. He was such a douche and he doesn’t know how to talk about anything more than how wonderful and great he is. Also, he gave us a 30 minute presentation like speech about his onion crunch company? and how his product was everywhere and how he always carries samples in his pocket. He was strangely OBSESSED with it. He then passed a bottle of the onion product around for us to taste. We all politely declined, except for my friend (who was just trying to get in his pockets).
My friend who he was interested in started walking around the living room and she spotted a picture of him & Sofia. She then asked him “Isn’t this your girlfriend”? He then told her that Sofia & him had an “understanding” and an “open relationship” and that they are on rocky terms and that “It would be a cold day in hell before they made it to the altar”. My friend was like “oh ok”, but the rest of us girls just busted out laughing. We couldn’t contain ourselves. He asked what was so funny and we said that it was an inside joke. LOL.
So fast forward, we are there like 2 hours and all of us girls were ready to go somewhere else. I called my friend aside and told her that the rest of us wanted to bail, and to get his number or whatever. So she went and told him that we were gonna leave, but she would love to see him again. He then starts saying to her” don’t you want to spend the night with me”. She told him no, not tonight.
He then came over to us other girls with her and said “You are all so beautiful, I would love to have you all stay over, and we can all have a good time together. We can all take turns and I would be happy to compensate every one of you”. I thought to myself “ew he is disgusting”. The other girls got very uncomfortable and we reiterated that we were leaving. So, my friend who he was talking to said she wanted to stay the night with him and that he would take her home in the morning. I kept asking her if she was sure. I didn’t want her to get caught up in some bullshit or get hurt. She said she was sure.
We left and we all went home. I text her when I got home to check on her and no answer. I was concerned, but what could I do. The next afternoon she calls me to tell me about the night she had with Nick. She said he was just ok in bed and that she spent the night and half of the afternoon there. She said he asked her to call a friend to pick her up from his house, because he didn’t want any trouble or anyone seeing them together. She then said as her ride arrived, she told him she was leaving and he handed her an envelope. She asked “what’s this” and he said it’s compensation for your time and services. She was shocked, but when she got in the car, she told me that there was $3,000 cash in the envelope. He told her he would call her again soon, but she would need to come over as quickly as possible. She continued her “dates” with Nick and made lots of money. It seems as though he wants her for only short periods of time now.
I will say, from my meeting and dealings with him on that night, he is one of the MOST narcissistic, self-centered, cocky, and entitled men I have ever met and he is a real loser. He has NO problem cheating on Sofia at all.
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Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Sofia seems like another insecure, low self esteem woman lacking any true self worth, she's in the perfect industry which feeds off that type of neurosis which is why you see these tragic women walking around knifed up looking like melted, action figures. its been said this guy is a pig and abusive as well. he seems shallow and trifling and is not worth wasting time and energy on. he's trash and she needs to read the book why men love bitches by Argov Sherry. its time women stopped being door mats and arm candy for these empty shells masquerading as real, emotionally stable men, capable of a loving healthy relationship.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

Well said Niyabinghi!

Goes to show it doesn't matter how beautiful you are, a man is still going to cheat. She's stupid to the umpteenth degree and should think better of herself. But she's a hollywood programmed kitten, so no surprises.

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