Friday, March 7, 2014

Adele Sings Along with Beyonce

Adele spotted on the front row of The Mrs. Carter Show in London singing along to every word with Beyonce.
Adele’s got herself a Bey-bysitter.
TRUST BEYONCE to have A-list stars acting like hardcore fans.
ADELE and JENNIFER HUDSON were stood front row at her London O2 gig on Tuesday, singing along to her every word.
Jacked from The Sun

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Anonymous said...

That is because they are FRIENDS. People want them to hate each like school children. I heard Bey speak about Jennifer when they were making Dreamgirls and all she did was praise the hell out of Jennifer's abilities. She did the same for Adele for her signing and Adele wanted Bey to help with her stage fright before singing which causes her to throw up. They all love each other.

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