Monday, March 10, 2014

Angry Wife Runs Marc Anthony's Ex Out of Town

Marc Anthony claims ex-wife Dayanara Torres was forced out of her neighborhood after she got caught having an affair with a married man and his wife used a bullhorn on the street to call her a whore non-stop.

Marc Anthony says ex-wife had to sell her home because the wife of the married man she was banging was yelling "whore" through a bullhorn in front of her house and wouldn't stop.
Dayanara Torres is trying to increase her child support payments from $13K a month to $113K. She says she's so strapped for cash she had to sell her home and now she's living with the 2 kids in a hovel of an apartment in the San Fernando Valley.
But Marc tells a very different story. In legal docs he says Dayanara was SHAMED out of the house because the wife of her adulterous lover took to the sidewalk "with a bullhorn yelling 'whore' for the whole neighborhood to hear."
Marc says the scorned woman was so unrelenting ... he sent his own security to help.
And, he says, part of her financial plight is her own doing, because she ended up selling the house at a loss. Lesson -- don't bang married men.
It's interesting ... in the docs Dayanara says Marc's allegations are "argumentative, improper opinion, lack of foundation, speculation." But she doesn't say they're false.

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