Monday, March 10, 2014

Jay Z and Beyonce Anger Wealthy Neighbors

Jay Z and Beyonce rub wealthy neighbors the wrong way with noisy helicopter flights at all hours of the night.

Beyonce and her rap-titan hubby JAY Z have been branded noisy neighbours after clattering around in their helicopter late at night.
The duo ruffled posh residents’ feathers by taking a string of chopper flights around the Berkshire estate they’ve hired.
They’ve been using the aircraft to get to and from Beyonce’s run of gigs at London’s O2, which finished on Thursday evening.
A source said: “Neighbours around the estate hate the clatter and think it’s not the done thing to flash bling.” Jay and Bey got back very late on Thursday night after partying at The Arts Club in Mayfair. It was their second session on the trot at the fashionable nightspot.
Jacked from The Sun

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Anonymous said...

How often are They even home? STFU they probably live next door to a white dentist.

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