Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Angus T. Jones Stands By Two and a Half Men Comments

Former Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones stands by his harsh criticisms of the show calling himself a paid hypocrite.
Angus T. Jones, the former “Two and a Half Men” star whose role on the show shrunk after he blasted it as “filth” in an infamous 2012 Christian testimonial video, says in a new interview that he was a “paid hypocrite” and does not regret leaving Hollywood.
The actor, now sporting a long beard, has taken his Christian faith more seriously in recent years, and during a recent visit to Houston on behalf of church outreach, Jones explained his decision to blast “Two and a Half Men.”
“It was difficult for me… to be part of something that was making light of topics in our world that are really problems for a lot of people,” he told CBS affiliate KHOU.
Jones added, “I was a paid hypocrite because I wasn’t OK with it, but I was still doing it.”
He said he’s somewhat remorseful about openly bashing the show because it was like creator Chuck Lorre’s “baby.”
“I totally insulted his baby, and to that degree I am apologetic,” explained Jones. “But otherwise, I don’t regret saying what I said.”

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Anonymous said...

Boy bye at one time he was the highest paid child star because of that show. He made millions off that show and is financially set for life, so if he's so disgusted about being a "paid hypocrite" then won't he put his money where his mouth is and give back all that dirty "hypocrite" money he was paid... Unless he does that then he ain't serious

Anonymous said...

Agnus stop it please. You BACKPEDDLED weeks after initially taking a stand against that "filth".

Like @2:28 said as well, If you feel you are such a 'hypocrite' then give back those "filthy" coins. 'It's what Jesus would do' lol

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Cosign with the two posters, he needs to STFU the same show that made his mediocre acting ass a millionaire, now that he's hooked up with some shady ass guru and shady ass bunch of religious zealots getting ready to baste and stuff his dumb ass, like a thanksgiving turkey "he now see's the light", that shistyass guru he hooked up with is about to mind fuck him into oblivion with those religious fairy tales, if he thinks working in hollyweird was working with satan's lil helpers, he ain't seen nothing yet with them religious devils, them hoes make the demon's in hollywerid look like boy scouts, this muthafukka went from being a clean cut kid to looking like some serial killer/ unibomber (no disrespect to Ted Kaczynski) who in my book was a brilliant but highly pissed off individual lol. his homeboy jesus would not approve of his new crack whore hippy look, he look like he has fleas now. dumb ass!!

Anonymous said...

Angus turned into Shaggy from Scooby Doo!

Anonymous said...

You people kill me.

HE WAS A CHILD. Ten years that young man has been in front of the camera. He could have gone the direction of drugs and alcohol but instead he chose to walk a spiritual path and you condemn him? SMH I'm not a religious person, but give me a break.

So what he made millions. He has chosen not to continue to do so. Get off it.

Anonymous said...

9:04 Well then he's still a hypocrite. How is he gonna trash talk and complain about all that dirty money he was paid to do a job that morally he doesn't agree with, while at the same time keeping all that dirty corrupt money? That doesn't seem just a little contradictory to you?

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