Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monsters Ball Drove Lady Gaga to the Poor House

Lady Gaga admits going broke to put on the Monster's Ball stage show.
Like Rihanna, Lady Gaga apparently had money problems during the height of her career.
In a clip for the upcoming EPIX documentary, Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel?, the Mother Monster spills about her former financial problems when "Poker Face" was playing non-stop on the radio.
"I had three million dollars in the bank to my name and I threw it all in to make my stage," said Gaga, explaining that she blew most of her money in making her 2009 Monster Ball tour.
"I remember I went home and I was with my dad and he said, 'I don't understand. 'Bad Romance' is out. You are all over the radio. Everyone is talking about you and you don't have a pot to piss in,'" she recalled.
"I said, 'Just let me do this,'" she continued, adding that Live Nation Entertainment CEO Fogel basically saved her skin by managing her $227 million tour. "'Let me just put it on the stage because I think if I can do this I can get Arthur Fogel's attention.' And I did."
Jacked from Celebuzz


Anonymous said...

*shrugs* old news. she said that a while back, that she was bankrupt at one point. no surprise. i'm sure more acts you think are rolling in the dough cause they got #1 hits and millions of album sales are in the red and owe their labels and god knows who else and have only a few thousand dollars to their name, if that.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ celebuzz calling it like it is "the height of her career"....

WTF??!!!!!! said...

Nobody gives a shit about this demon, except her lil monsters. Her antics are getting old and worn out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you WTF???!!!. No one is paying this demon dust. Now is she would go away for good

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